Abbiamo i farmaci grazie alla SA o NONOSTANTE essa?

L’ipotesi di predittività del modello animale per quanto riguarda le reazioni a farmaci e sostanze ed i processi patologici umani (modello causale analogo CAM) non è mai stata verificata.

“The scientific community can choose to deal with the current situation in one of three ways. The simplest is to replace the current statement with one which can be formally validated. This need not be a vapid platitude: there is a wealth of evidence
to support a statement such as ‘Animal models can and have provided many crucial insights that have led to major advances in medicine and surgery’. The second and most valuable course of action would be to embark on a systematic study of the use of animal models with a view to establishing the weight of evidence they provide. This would undoubtedly be a major undertaking, but it would also bring many benefits – not the least of which would be quantitative support for the claims made for animal models. The third option is simply to turn a blind eye to the continued promulgation of a statement about the importance of animal experiments lacking in logical or evidential support.”

Matthews RAJ (2008) Medical progress depends on animal models – doesn’t it? J Roy Soc Med, 101, 95-98


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