Studi su funzione, regolazione e interazioni delle proteine attraverso i microarray proteici

[Lueking A, Cahill DJ, Müllner S. Protein biochips: A new and versatile platform technology for molecular medicine. Drug Discov Today. 2005 Jun 1;10(11):789-94.]


The human genome has been sequenced and the challenges of understanding the function of the newly discovered genes have been addressed. High-throughput technologies such as DNA microarrays have been developed for the profiling of gene expression patterns in whole organisms or tissues. Protein arrays are emerging to follow DNA chips as possible screening tools. Here, we review the generation and application of microarray technology to obtain more information on the regulation of proteins, their biochemical functions and their potential interaction partners. Already, a large variety of assays based on antibody-antigen interactions exists. In addition, the medical relevance of protein arrays will be discussed.


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